Just believe...
And not possible not love you...
I can't without you
Dont betray me, please
Don't leave me, please
May be you - my destiny
May be, I don't know...
But I know, what you
All my life...
Why you come into my life?
Now I see on the world other eyes.
You doing my boring days so happy.
When you around me...it's intoxicated
I can't breathe and don't want breathe,
When you not with me
I'm suffer with you, but without you
I'm die...You my death...
I can't say you this just because
I know how it stupid
It's impossible
And sometimes I hate you more,
Then love...
I don't know why
But I know, what I never forget you...
Because my love for you so strong
I never feel this and I'm afraid
Because it's don't right love

@музыка: Apocalyptica - Pandemonium

@темы: stupid love